From the crockpot to the dinner plate


My daughter LOVES pasta and teriyaki.  One of our regular meals in Casa de Andi822 is teriyaki noodles and I found the secret to take it from sauce on spaghetti to a pretty close knock off from my local Chinese place!


It’s super simple and thought I would commit the recipe to the web.

Jae’s Favorite Noodles

  • linguine or spaghetti noddles
  • 1 c veggies – we use peas and carrots but you could use broccoli, mushrooms, pea pods, baby corn, the possibilities are endless!
  • 1/2 c teriyaki sauce
  • sesame oil – the secret!  You can find it in the oriental section of most good sized grocery stores

Boil noodles according to package directions.  When noodles have 2 minutes left, toss in the veggies.  Drain noodles and veggies and return to the pot.  Store in the sauce and a light drizzle of sesame oil.

If you are going for meat free, eat and serve.  Or add your favorite cooked meat.  We usually use left over steak, grilled shrimp or chicken.  Today I tried a new recipe from

Check out FakeGinger’s Bourbon Chicken!


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