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I’m hooked


My friend Karrie at has the best knitting blog. While I am not a dedicated knitter, she has inspired me to learn.

Karrie also does a bevy of product reviews. This week she reviewed some crochet hooks – Karrie is a beginning crocheter with more talent in her little finger. If she says the hooks are good, you better believe it!

Take a moment and check out her review – While there, you can enter her give away for the hooks!!!!


It’s Fair Time

It’s Fair Time

No, I will not shock you with the oddities that we saw at the fair. Just imagine no teeth, poorly done tattoos and clothes WAY too tight- Welcome to the Wayne County Fair!

I did enter several things into the fair this year. I received 2 second place ribbons- one for my sweater and one for my knit purse – my first (and only!) knitted item. Below is the sweater and the dino hat I put in.










I also sent 2 new hats to my photographer, Meg Bowman Photography. I already have one order for the apple hat and a great suggestion to make an acorn hat. On top of all that, I just got a new order for an adult dino hat in the person’s high school colors!  I am hoping that it comes out well – that might be another item to add to the etsy store!

Happy Labor Day!


What a great 3 day weekend!  I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did!

It was a full weekend of projects for me.  Ready for the rundown?

  • Finished the sweater entry for the fair
  • Made crockpot chocolate sauce
  • Made crockpot caramel sauce
  • Made bacon caramels
  • Made the kids do laundry!
  • Went out for breakfast and shopping in Amish Country
  • Made 4 apple pies
  • Sold another special order in my etsy shop
  • Got selected to host a Chef Boyardee product party

Hmmmm that doesn’t look like much but it filled my weekend!  Next time, I’ll add pictures!